Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ron Paul in Homeschooling Today Magazine

Homeschooling Today Magazine has published an article by Ron Paul in its March/April 2008 issue, Volume 17, Issue 2 at

In this article, entitled "Sowing Liberty," Ron Paul discusses the psychology of fear by which we are driven, the "remnant that longs for truly limited government," and the fact that "freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference" (6). Homeschoolers, he writes "by and large, maintain that the authority for determining the education of their children rests solely with parents. This spark of freedom must be fanned into a flame, not just among homeschooling fathers and mothers, but among the generation they are training up in liberty."(7)


Jim said...

"All homeschoolers
have tasted a morsel of freedom that
many others still can’t comprehend."

Wow, he took the words right out of my mouth!

Robin said...

Thanks, Jim - yes, that's a great way to put it!