Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ron Paul Talks to NH Homeschoolers

On Sep 30, 2007, Ron Paul talked to a group of homeschooling parents in New Hampshire. The fact that he would make an effort to talk to homeschoolers on his busy day and a half trip is a testament to his commitment to homeschooling. In fact he emphasizes that homeschoolers are a key ally of his since homeschoolers understand the Constitution, and value freedom.

Part 2 - Constitution, last few seconds start discussing homeschooling
Part 3 - Discusses homeschooling
Part 4 - Abortion/Federal Reserve
Part 5 - Non-interventionist Foreign Policy, Christian Just War theory, Free Markets
Part 6 - Questions begin, National Banks/Federal Reserve, North American Union, Out of Iraq?
Part 7 - Handicapped, Role of Government, 1984, What could he get done as President, Gay Marriage, Regulate Pornography on internet?
Part 8 - Militarization of Police, Draft?, Militia
Part 9 - World Government, End of Life Issues

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